I was raised by a single mom and my grandmother then my step mom and father and later by my aunt and then back to my father and step mom. This is just a lot to take in as a kid but now as a grown up lady (I am 25 years old now and sees the world a with a different eye) I totally understand what I couldn’t .All through my growing up I saw women married or not they respected each other, the elders taught the younger generation and the younger generation listened and took to heart what was taught to them. People were happy with the little that they had and knew how to work hard to get what they want.

Fast forward to the .com generation no one listen to the other, we all are wise and our only focus is money. We try so hard to compare ourselves to the models and stars that we see on Tv that our lives have become a mess that we can’t seem to get out of. We all want to be wearing designer shoes, carry designer handbags, eat and sleep at five star hotels and at the same time. We have become so heartless that we drag others down so we can stand tall.

We have become lost sheep not knowing what we want but wanting it anyways. we really at the worst stage as human beings but this needs to stop for  we are ladies and we need to lift each other up, not drag each other down. We need to celebrate each other’s successes and share each other’s pain. We can get there if we help each other through support, shared knowledge, mentorship, and love. Connect, not separate.

We need to get to higher positions and stop tearing each other down. As I write this last line I am still asking myself how we got here.

Distinguished women in Tanzania (my list)

i love women that wakes up with dreams to make Tanzania and the world at large a better place and here is my very own list of Women who do just that I am not going to write them in order but these women are doing extra ordinary things in the country and you can’t go a month or at least I can’t go a month without seeing them on the news or without coming across a project they are on

I love to call them SHEROES and below is my list (don’t judge and you are free to add or create your own list)



She won a beauty pageant in the year 2007 But ever since she is been on our ears and eyes ever since she is out there making sure youths that have completed university know their way out on the street but she got all the subjects of secondary school students at her own application (shule direct ) where she is helping more than 5000 secondary  students from the country access the school subject just by a click.

She has also started her forum where she speaks to ladies and help them achieve a lifestyle they want and eey did I mention that above all this she is a wife and a mother to two beautiful children




This beauty is a proof that you can be in the a beauty industry and have brains (a lot of them).Two years ago she brought home her nail polish line that had very good quality products that she has improved a lot plus added a lot of new products ever since but she has also come up recently with candles that we all going to have just to keep our homes smelling so well. Out of business this beautiful queen is helping girls stay in school under theflavianamatatafoundation and she also provide school kits to the under privileged students .



Marrying off a rich man has its advantage but this lady is proving to the world that hard work and persistence is the way forward, Forbes have eyed  her interior designs  but I am typically obsessed with her furniture line . she has this unique furniture that you could rob a bank to have them at your home . she does not only advocates against poaching but for every furniture she sells she plants a tree and hence keeping our environment well



You all have heard the saying that whatever a man can do a woman can do better?? The representative of the Segerea constituency is a proof of this , since elected she has done so much for the people that people all across the country are seeing women as able bodied leaders thanks to her. She started her very own foundation where she helps the non privileged students from Segerea go back to school and every January she offers uniforms to students under her project ELIMU BORA KWA MAZINGIRA BORA CAMPAIGN



This lady is seen doing business everywhere everyday. she is a hard worker and she is everywhere as in she sings , acts and as a business lady she has her hair brand (that isn’t doing any better ever since it started ) we all know business can be hard sometimes but do you ever listen to what your customer wants??? The slippers were the best thing ever but where did they go to?  The school bag story (heard you copied an idea)which is not a problem but eey improve it and move past it my dear. You came up with Msusi wao and never finished the project (this is so bad as in its giving your biggest customers trust issues) so dear Jokate we love you so much and are ready to support you just come up with good quality products



I just wrote her name because she is well branded but doing nothing with her brand. she is an actress and a beauty queen that started her lipstick line that failed drastically , she went on and came with flip flops that were under quality and did not do well in the market . she got involved in politics and never made a career as a CCM KADA and now she is against them and have moved to the other opposition party where she is doing such a good work advocating against CCM. She has also launched her application that is so far doing well and eey Wema you are adorable but please give us something that we will always remember you for

So  this is my list and this are my opinions and yes I have researched on this but I welcome honest opinions from you guys and together let’s make Tanzania a better place

WOMEN we men


Women we men women we men

No matter what you call us  you fit right after us

When together our efforts are more than all of yours united

So all women of the world please lend me your ears


Insecurities will eat you up and away

Low self-esteem will drag you to your knees

Media has taught us that these standards are everything

But women of the world you can never please that star TV or that model that doesn’t know you exist


Dress how you want to be addressed , act your age ,act your wage

You are precious more than the women that wish were you

More precious than the men that wish had you

So dear women of the world love you for when love is real it finds a way


Men will call you names and expect you to send attention their ways

And when you don’t you are not pretty anyways

Always seen as the weaker sex, always in need of help

Well we women have always endured the nine months with no help


People will always comment on your appearance

Rather than what actually matters

Walking alone at night will always be scary

You will be harassed and expected to be okay with it



Media has taught us that no one get attention unless you are pretty

But we women of the world were molded by the King of kings

Of ourselves we have made slaves

But we are stronger than that lets break off this chains


Women of the world don’t lose hope for we are we men

And when the sun goes down the stars come out

Be a queen attract a king

Raise your kingdom for we are the mothers to all the men



Please don’t live us yet

I will be a good one

This one I promise

Mama aint herself

She cries lots

Am I that bad?

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way



Mama doesn’t eat

She hurts so bad

She is always strong

in your presence

She will smile

And you will think she is fine

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way






I was mad at you

The reason she was mad

Now you say she’s bad

It’s all me papa, I am bad

She is the same woman you love

I wish I hadn’t raced to win

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way



I can feel your rejection

I will be good just if you stay

I have seen you ,I know you

I know mama, mama feels me

Don’t you wanna see my face?

Do you know how many trophies I plan to bring home?

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way





Please papa

Listen to my voice

See through my eyes papa

This too shall pass papa

I won’t make her grow bigger

She will still have that body you lusted for

She will still have that cute smile

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way



Why are you doing this

What did they say to you

I can feel your pure hate

I can sense  mama’s pure love

I am partial yours papa

I am that sperm that won

Please papa even if you hate mama now

Please papa stay for I am on the way


Please papa stay please papa

Don’t leave US


Wedding bells are everywhere this months , and this comes with a lot of hustle since friends and relatives are either marrying or getting married. We all know the struggle to get to fit in a party, the buying of a dress/suit cute shoes and trying your best to get that unique piece so you don’t go there and it’s like you are in school uniform. Again we have to send our contributions on time (something I am so against)

Lastly on the wedding day and everyone is happy , there is good food, music and drinks , all of your cousins , brothers and sisters are there with  their boyfriend/ girlfriend and they are happily introducing their partners to the rest of the family and you there with your wine and suddenly everyone starts asking why you are single

I have been here for more than a year now, at first I was pissed but now I understand that it’s just how they society wants us to live. We are raised in a society where ladies can’t be single at their twenties, we are raised in a society where ladies are not allowed to go out of their home rent a place and start their journey towards the adventure of life alone. We are raised to be dependent on our parents at a young age and as we grow older we are supposed to be dependent on our boyfriends and later to be dependent on our husbands and men are taught how to provide.

Due to the peer pressure many people get themselves in relationships since it’s a lot of work being single and the questioning goes away. Well here are some reasons why I am single and this will show you really why it’s okay to be single

  • You can be single because it’s what you want

Not all of us enjoy having a partner every time. There times when you are drained off all the in a relationship blood, then at this time it’s really okay to be single. Say you are just from a relationship, it wouldn’t be wise to straight jump to another one . Have some time with yourself learn why it didn’t work out and be okay with the fact that it’s over. During this time you can total relax be you and do the things that you like doing. Being single is fun and gives you all the freedom you need to do things you want to . feel like be single go for it enjoy and be happy about it. BE HAPPY FOR YOURSELF . DO WHATEVER YOU WANT

  •  It gives you time to learn about yourself.

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. If that one isn’t healthy, none of your others will be. It is difficult to find a happy, healthy relationship if you have not taken the time to really define what that means to you. How will you recognize it when it comes along? Be alone an spend most of your time learning about yourself. What you like , what you don,t like and why . Get comfortable with being you and give yourself all the love you would give to the other person

  • It gives you time to learn about other people.

Sometimes the easiest way to spot the right person is by searching through a crowd of the wrong ones. When you have the time and the freedom to date other people, you can prepare a mental checklist of what you do and don’t want in a partner. When single you can have your dream partner and start looking for him I the crowd. Being single helps you to spot the best of want you want in another person and by working this out you can later enjoy the fruits of having the best partner ever because you have sought out what you want from any relationship. You need to be satisfied with who you are before you can get into a healthy relationship

You can have time to live just the way you want and by doing so you can improve your life style.

I am not saying that all relationships are bad and that those in a relationship can’t do the above. I am saying its okay for you to be single and explore the ocean of life happily. what are your thoughts



I find it funny that most of us invest in money, business education but never in relationships. I believe your social capital, or your ability to build a network of faithful personal and professional relationships, not your financial capital, is the most important asset in your portfolio. I believe that seeking out and working in collaboration with others who share your interests and values will provide a stronger foundation, enabling you to reach a higher level of success than you would on your own.

You cannot become what you can’t see and thus the sayings show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. As human beings we tend to be with people that match our own personalities and level of craziness however if this people do not help us in any situations that we really need help from then we tend to cut the connections / relationship

In this recent age and centuryyou can never underestimate the power of networking. This is because, research has shown that most people do get jobs, opportunities, and favors  faster through networking, as opposed to striving to get good grades while in school, and applying for jobs. Don’t get me wrong, applying for a job is good as well as getting good grades in school is also good, but in the real world and in reality networking influences a lot of decisions.  Isn’t true that, the saying, it’s not who know, but who knows you?

A strong network is like money in the bank. Your network can help you build visibility, connect you with influencers, and open up doors for new opportunities. Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your career advancement

We should network strategically

Strategic networking is more than socializing and swapping business cards, it’s creating solid relationships to support your career aspirations. It takes focus and intention to build such a network, but it’s invaluable for your professional development

Identify who you know and who you need to know to help you reach your career goal and build a power network to support your advancement. It is generally said that, it is who you know that gets you the job, yes I agree to some extent, however, I think who you know gets you closer to the door. I say this because the act of networking is well known, and the norm is no longer who you know, but who knows you. Yes, you might know about MANJI , MENGI  President MAGUFULI  and some other prominent figures in the society, but the question is, do they know you? It is important to know that, who you know might get you to the door, but a person who knows you will not only let you in, but will, in addition, give you a seat. Networking does not only entail meeting people at events, it also involves using the resourceful social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others  to reach out to folks, Its sad most of us are using this sites as a place to get gossip


My favorite  quote by Charlie Tremendous states  “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things, the people you meet and the books you read”. You need productive network of friends who will not only refer  you to probable opportunities, but also, will help in making sure you have the right information and assistance needed to execute such task successfully. As you may know,. If you want to increase your net worth through your network, you must ask yourself this question, “Do I have resourceful friends who can assist me in realizing this deed?

Start by cross checking the list of friends that you have and if they don’t add anything in your life then just cut them off. it will hurt but then you will be doing your future self  a great favor  .whats your opinion on NETWORK AND NET-WORTH PLEASE SHARE ON THE COMMENT SECTION .



I will stand up for what i deserve

i won’t let you walk in and out of my life 

i don’t want your “almost” “maybe” sometimes”

i want your ” YES” ALWAYS”SURE”

this time i will be strong enough to fight your absence 

you were always there to touch but not hold 

to look at but not stare ,to hug but not embrace 

you are not the man i loved anymore 

been typing long messages just to erase them 

same way i am erasing you from my life 


The future i want and believe in


I want my daughters and son to be able to speak up against most of the unfair situations that will be happen in their lives because i believe those that remain silent in any unjust situation are taking the side of the Oppressor. ..
In history we learnt how the COLONIAL POWERS divided and rule us and for crying out loud it was unjust and Walituonea sana .Going through what they did to us we hated them .i have used pluralism since i have four to five friends that also hate them for this… Days turned into years and Mababu zetu(our great grandparents) decided to fight and shed a lot of blood for us to be independent and live freely.

After a lot of struggles they won and we got our independence and we choose leaders by voting for them and we had all the rights to speak up and say whatever that is bothering us.. we had the right to communicate and it was also okay to tell our leaders in a peaceful way when they were going against what they had promised … it was all fine and okay to speak until recently.
Things have changed nowadays . we do not have the right to talk or say anything against those leading us.. (Isn’t this what our great grandparents fought against???? I can’t imagine what the books of history in the year 2067 will talk about us . I can only imagine and not write it down)
Why are we going back to the colonial times where only the daughters and sons of chives had certain privilege from their colonial masters???
Why are we limiting youths from taking their initiative to the world???
Why are we holding up people because they are obeying the law???
Why are we not speaking up against this huh??? Is it because its not happening to your brother , husband or father ???
Let’s all take the stand we need all that was taken from us… we need our freedom … we need to be able to talk without worrying .we need to be able to criticize our leaders and the government. ..
We need to breathe without fear while speaking up or writing articles on the current trends. We need to speak up .

To anyone having a rough day, don’t lose sight of what you are doing, the best things comes when you least expect them



As he penetrated her

She cried out loud he heard her was moaning

But No this woman was in pain crying

But he said he loved her

And she knew it was true so she just let him in

The white sheets were soaked in red blood

She covered herself in the towel to skin her wariness

He kissed her promised the world to her and away he went

She slept as guilty as ever but his smile was on her mind so she forgot

Three months down the line , her stomach evidenced what she did

To him she went, after she was chased off the home she was in

There he was with another one from her class

Promising her the same and now she knows

He played her like a doll and her heart he had toss

He was on to the next pretty girl

It was not her fault deep down she knew

But all the fingers said she was at fault